Bar Code Labels, many sizes or Instant Email Image files. GTIN 12 UPC & GTIN 14 Case Codes. Delivery next day UPS for label orders.

 We do not need Data Hubs files, or images to create YOUR bar codes.

Bar Code Image Files.

We create and size your GTIN / UPC code image files, and or, our printed UPC / GTIN12’s to the size YOU need.

Ask us why our UPC / GTIN 12 .eps files are far superior to GS1 supplied .png image files.   Image files ( in less than one hour) for as little as $5.00ea for quantity orders.

1st label order discount of $25.00 for NEW GS1 Customers.

Call us and we can answer all GS1 rules for free in fast simple terms. 1-800-467-7077 Printing bar codes since 1989.                     

Regular price (minimum invoice) $100.00, NOW $75.00 for 1st order. $75.00 gives you up to 4,000 UPC (GTIN12) labels, no quantity too small per SKU, multiple SKU’s within the order, delivery extra.

               Patrick Kramer     or     Matt Kramer 


 PaperChase is a Certified GS1 Solution Provider. 


  Sticky labels on rolls, over 70 sizes on paper or plastic.

No quantity too small, we print only what you need


If you need sticky labels, hang tags, Bar Codes on any type of label including water proof plastic labels or electronic image files, we make ordering easy. The GS1 Bar Code rules can be complex, so we explain the different codes and GS1 rules to you in plain English from UPC A ( GTIN12 ) to a Case Code ( GTIN 14).  We will make the order process very calm and simple. No further pages to navigate, all you need to order is on this single page.

We are not a general printer who also happens to print Bar Codes, our sole purpose is to print your Bar Code Labels and or supply you Electronic Image files of Bar Codes. Printing only Bar Code’s for over 20 years, we have printed 10’s of billions of Bar Codes and made millions of Bar Code image files for clients worldwide.

Standard legal size for GTIN12 is printed on 1 1/2″ wide  x 1″ tall sticky labels on rolls.  On that size there is room for one text line above the bar code to describe the product. If you need more information on a label many sizes are available to fit many extra lines of information. We can also explain how and when a short height bar code can be legal *( Small Package Exemption), or can cause you to be fined and or de-listed as a supplier.

No quantity is too small, if you only need 50 of a GTIN12 or GTIN14, and 80 of another, and 120 of another that is what we will print. We have no minimums per to order, you will never waste or throw away unused labels.

Our over 10,000 happy clients tell us our prices and service are second to none. We ship the same day via UPS if the order is sent to us prior to 3:00PM Eastern, or 12:00PM Pacific time.

No need to look further on our site for more sizes, pictures, or details, we explain the entire simple order process to you on the phone live not via voice mail.

I personally do not like entering my credit card information on any site,  therefore we accept Visa, MC and or Amex by phone only. For large repeat clients we can arrange terms.


Call us, 1-800-467-7077 Patrick Kramer    or      Matt Kramer 


We have offices in USA, Canada and ship worldwide. The GS1 rules are the same worldwide with GS1 offices in over 132 Countries.

USA Office

#601  330 1733 H St.

Blaine WA.  98230

Canada Office

8459  160th Street  #100

Surrey BC Canada V4N 0V6

And yes, we are Certified by GS1.

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